Sunday, May 2, 2010

Comprehensive List of Linkys

My favorite list of places to promote my giveaways was at Icefairy's Sweepland. Unfortunately, Icefairy's Treasure Chest took that site down, so I have created my own list to share. The links came from my bookmarks, searches, and a variety of other places around the web. I have tested all the links and will continue checking them out with every giveaway. Many great bloggers fail to promote their giveaways because they don't know all the places to go. This results in less visitors regardless of how thorough or well written a review may be.

I have decided to create the best list possible of places to submit your giveaway and share it with the world. If you want tips of listing your giveaways faster, check out my blog post about Texter. The post is about how to Texter to enter giveaways quickly, but by spending an hour filling in all your contest descriptions and linky info, you can make submitting your contest to numerous sites a quick and relatively painless ordeal.


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This site is a resource for finding giveaways to enter and places for bloggers to promote giveaways that they are having. I created Cakeblast Resources because I wanted all my most important blog resource links in one place. This is a place to share giveaways and contests that I am not hosting myself. I also want to provide a place to find important links that bloggers can use such as sweepstakes sites, contest linkys, and other places to promote your blog. I have recently included my list of homeschool resources as well.

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